Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Turn Students into Life-Long Learners

Educators wear many hats, but their main job is to engage their students so that they become life-long learners. As a teacher, there is nothing worse than presenting a lesson only to find your entire class starring back at you with the “huh?” look in their eyes. Once students reach this point, it’s often hard to turn them on to the subject matter that they didn’t grasp the first time around. In order to effectively reach them, educators need to find innovative methods for teaching students. There are many ways to achieve this, as discussed below. 

Increase Student Involvement
One of the most effective ways to increase student engagement is to get them involved in the lesson. Once students are able to interact and experiment with a subject matter, they are more likely to grasp it. Try one of the below activities to get your students involved with your lessons.

Introduce an eLearning System – It’s no surprise that students enjoy interacting with technology. Invite them to their enhance learning through the use of an eLearning system that helps you plan and deliver your lessons seamlessly. Interactive learning systems allow students to have real-time discussions with one another about the subject matter, as well as explore the Internet to learn more. Many teachers have seen students become increasingly engaged in class when using this technology because they can learn at their own pace. Students are also able to gear their study towards the type of learner they are.

Present Real World Problems – Often, students have difficulty understanding certain lessons because they aren’t able to apply them to real life situations. No matter what you’re teaching, you have to make the lesson come alive by finding a way to relate it to your students’ lives. Present the material in a way that will excite them. Once students are able to apply a concept to their lives, they are much more likely to connect with and value it.

Students as Teachers – Another great way to get your students involved in your lessons is to make them experts. Split your class up into groups and assign them a topic. Work with each group and give them the tools and resources that will help them become experts on that concept. Once students are comfortable with the subject matter, have them teach the class. Students will immediately be able to relate to one another and find this style interesting and fun.  

By increasing student engagement in the classroom, teachers can create life-long learners. When students are excited about a subject, the sky’s the limit.



At April 3, 2014 at 1:59 AM , Blogger flow said...

having students to discuss about a topic is good sometimes but not every single person in the group will do the work. some will let the other group members to get everything solved and that's the down side based on my experience. it is still a good activity anyway..

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